Prana Bodyworks Mission and Staff


Founded by the owners and operators of Bikram Yoga Fort Lauderdale, Prana's mission is to promote good health, beauty, and an overall sense of well-being in our community, providing first-rate massage and acupuncture services at truly reasonable prices to our friends, our yoga students, our neighbors, and the lovely variety of visitors who come to Fort Lauderdale year-round.  

We believe excellent therapeutic services should be available to everyone at prices that allow them to become a routine part of one's health and wellness regimen rather than an occasional luxury.  We employ a small staff of experienced service providers who are genuinely passionate about what they do.  We encourage anyone interested in finding consistently outstanding therapeutic treatments to join us and discover why those who have already found us keep coming back for more. 

The My Prana Membership system allows our customers to take advantage of all of our services at discounted rates at all times with a minimal commitment of $60 per month which can be spent on any of our services or products and which customers can cancel at any time for any reason.  Not only does the membership save you money on services you are already purchasing once a month or more, but more importantly, it makes room in your budget and sets a time on your calendar for you to do something good for yourself at least once a month.  You deserve it.  

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