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Prana is pleased to introduce our new resident Esthetician: Jennifer Angelson.  She is a licensed Esthetician, offering over a decade of experience at luxurious Resort Spas, Medical Spas and Plastic Surgery offices all over South Florida.  Jennifer's clientele LOVE her deep therapeutic approach, expansive knowledge, organic products, and arsenal of medical and technical support all of which make for a one-of-a-kind facial.  Jennifer meticulously studies each person's unique skin type and formulates a procedure that is exclusive to them, maintaining her belief that everyone deserves to be treated as effectively as possible. Jennifer's profound understanding of cutting edge medical technologies, commitment to organic products, and deeply nourishing touch will leave you positively glowing, wrinkle-free, and transformed from your very first appointment.  No Gimmicks - just real skin care.  After a thorough consultation, Jennifer will create a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed "beauty cocktail" just for you.  Jennifer also makes sure you are on a simple home regimen for REAL AND LASTING results.  "Beauty is Pure, Simple & Natural.  Let the light shine within you."

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 Aroma Massage add-on
- Choose from 3 delightful aromas: De-Stressing, Relaxing, or Muscle Releasing.  Each fragrance blend is specially crafted by Shankara using the most pure and effective essential oils and herbs.  An incredible enhancement to any of our massage services (excluding Thai).  We welcome you to sample and choose the one that suits you best.  Simply request it upon arrival for your scheduled treatment(s).  Only $10!

 Abhyanga Massage - A classic Ayurvedic full-body massage treatment, Abhyanga employs a choreographed sequence of strokes that will relax and rejuvenate you from head to toe, inside and out.  Warm, herb-infused oil that is scented with the aromatherapy of your choice is applied liberally to your entire body and massaged into your skin with a variety of strokes, some long and sweeping, some short and vigorous, all very satisfying.  Balances your doshas, clears out stagnant energy, revives your spirits.
One hour treatment $95
or for My Prana Members: $65

 Shirodhara - Perhaps the most celebrated of all Ayurvedic spa treatments, Shirodhara transports the recipient to a state of bliss with a continuous stream of warm, specially formulated oil flowing from a copper pot held in the therapist's hands down upon the forehead.  The stream is focused primarily upon the third eye and delivers a cornucopia of benefits reaching far beyond the deep state of relaxation in which you are sure to find yourself.  Our Shirodhara oil is infused with 7 nourishing herbs including the incredible Saraswati Churn named for the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom which has been used with great success in India for centuries to enhance brain function and reduce mental stress and fatigue. Send a message of warmth and nurturing to your entire endocrine and nervous system, nourish your hair and scalp, and completely let go.  Can be added on to most any massage or facial.  
Half-hour Treatment $50
or for My Prana Members: $40
 5 Star Treatment - Luxurious Ayurvedic rejuvenation for the hands, arms, feet, lower legs, head, neck, face and scalp.  Exfoliate, mask, moisturize and massage your tired extremities, then bliss out with an extended neck and head massage followed by our Shirodhara hot oil treatment.  Brings physical and emotional balance by reviving the spirit and preserving health.
One hour treatment $108
or for My Prana Members: $85    

 Swedish Massage - Swedish is the classic spa massage - a rhythmic flow of mostly long, sliding and gliding strokes that promotes relaxation, increases circulation, and reduces pain and stiffness throughout the body.  The pressure can vary from light to quite firm depending upon the recipient's preferences and sensitivities.  We recommend it to anyone - particularly those who have never before received a professional massage, those who are looking simply to relax, and those who do not care to experience any therapeutic pain or challenging sensations during their massage.
Half-hour $50, One hour $85, One and a half-hour $120, Two hour $150
or for My Prana Members:
Half-hour $30, One hour $60, One and a half-hour $85, Two hour $110

 Deep Tissue Massage - More therapeutic in nature, Deep Tissue Massage is the most popular modality with athletes, bodybuilders, people with naturally tight and tense musculature, and those who just can't relax without taking a good beating.  Deep Tissue work often incorporates many of the same techniques of a Swedish Massage but with greater pressure delivered to the deeper layers of muscle and fascia that make up the complex system of soft tissue that we employ to mobilize our joints and bones.  This modality is often painful in regions that have become tighter and more tense than what is ideal, but it is often the best means of releasing that tension and restoring a healthier level of openness, blood flow, and relaxation.  
Half-hour $50, One hour $85, One and a half-hour $120, Two hour $150
or for My Prana Members:
Half-hour $30, One hour $60, One and a half-hour $85, Two hour $110

 Hot Stone Massage -Smooth, round, flat stones in a variety of sizes are placed in water and heated to nearly 140 degrees, then used throughout the massage in order to deliver penetrating warmth and deep relaxation to the entire body from head to toe.  Some stones are removed from the warmer, placed on body regions, and left there to penetrate and draw circulation to the area.  Others are removed from the warmer, covered in oil while they are nice and hot, and used to massage every muscle on the body with variable amounts of pressure and a DEEPLY relaxing effect that cannot be achieved by the hands alone.  Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques can be employed with the stones, delivering a highly therapeutic and, once again, DEEPLY relaxing effect upon the body.  We recommend Hot Stone Massage to anyone who loves the sensation of heat and wishes to experience new levels of warmth and relaxation.
One hour $95, One and a half-hour $130, Two hour $170
or for My Prana Members:
One hour $65, One and a half-hour $90, Two hour $120

 Thai Massage - Do you want to achieve greater flexibility, to alleviate the stiffness in your joints, to balance the flow of energy throughout your body, to feel more open, to find your posture improved, your mind more focused?  Thai Massage can deliver all of these great benefits to you in your very first session.  A gift to humankind from Thailand and the East, it is a totally different approach to massage from the traditional Swedish and Western methods with which most Americans are familiar.  The recipient lies on a large mat on the floor wearing loose or flexible clothing in which he or she can be comfortably stretched and manipulated into a sequence of therapeutic and healing positions by the therapist.  Trigger points are released, and the major meridians (channels of energy that flow up and down the body - a fundamental component of the science of acupuncture and Eastern medicine) of the body are brought into balance by a series of compressions interspersed throughout the treatment.  We wholeheartedly recommend this treatment to any and all, but particularly to those who are seeking to improve their flexibility, those who prefer to keep their clothes on, and those with various medical conditions that might keep them from receiving the traditional Western styles of massage described above.  
One hour $95, One and a half-hour $130, Two hour $170

or for My Prana Members:
One hour $65, One and a half-hour $90, Two hour $120

 Foot Reflexology - Foot Reflexology is a powerful therapeutic treatment performed on the feet for the benefit of the entire body.  Reflex zones all over the feet corresponding to each and every organ, gland, bone, and body region are massaged with deep pressure using a variety of techniques.  This centuries-old therapy has been used with great success to treat all kinds of aches, pains, ailments, conditions, illnesses, and disease by healers all over the world.  Much more than a simple foot massage.  
Half-hour $50, One hour $85
or for My Prana Members:
Half-hour $30, One hour $60  

 Prenatal Massage -  Our Certified Prenatal Therapists offer well-deserved relief and relaxation to mothers-to-be in their second and third trimesters.  Makes a wonderful gift for expecting moms.  
One hour $95, One and a half-hour $130
or for My Prana Members:
One hour $65, One and a half-hour $90

 Medical/Therapeutic Massage - Medical Massage treatments typically focus the entire session on a specific area of concern and employ a variety of skills including Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Active Release Technique, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, and more to treat any number of injuries, limitations, or dysfunctions in the body's soft tissues.  It is often prescribed by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists to treat conditions like frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and other forms of tendonitis, pulled/strained muscles, sciatica, and so on.
Half-hour $50, One hour $95
or for My Prana Members:
Half-hour $35, One hour $65

 Couples Massage - We have a beautiful, secluded, candlelit couples room, and we invite you and your sweetheart to spend some time together sharing the gift of massage side by side.  Why take turns pampering one another when you can simultaneously indulge, relax and rejuvenate?  Swedish for her, but Deep Tissue for him?  No problem.  Hot stones for you both?  Fantastic choice.  Let us fulfill your individual wishes and send you home as one happy couple.
Couples are charged per person.  Refer to individual rates above.  


Professional waxing is the absolute fastest, most efficient, longest lasting way to remove unwanted hair and to keep it off.  Shaving is difficult, irritating, and sometimes impossible for hard-to-reach areas.  Waxing can remove unwanted hair cleanly and without irritation from every inch of the body, head to toe, front and back.  And hair does not reappear the next day in even thicker growths as it does with shaving.  As you begin to wax a region of unwanted hair on a regular basis it takes longer and longer for the hair to grow back each time (what grows back in 2 weeks will soon take 4 weeks to return), and in some cases the hair eventually stops growing back altogether.  We use the best hard wax on the market and our waxing professionals are highly trained with years of full-time, hands-on experience, getting you in and out and back to looking, feeling, and being your absolute best as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

We offer full body hair removal services for men and women.
Refer to the waxing menu below.  
My Prana Members receive 20 percent off the regular menu prices for all waxing services.


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