My Prana Membership Details

My Prana Membership

Designed to be simple to join and simple to leave, the My Prana Membership gives members access to wonderful benefits with no commitment.  With a simple investment of sixty dollars per month automatically debited from the credit/debit card of your choice you enjoy wildly discounted My Prana Member prices on all of our services all of the time.  The sixty dollars goes directly into your account with us and is available to be spent on all of our massage and acupuncture services.  Your credit never expires and simply accumulates over months when you do not use it to be spent whenever and however you choose.  And there are no fees for cancellation.  All you have to do is call or email.  Any money remaining in your account remains yours to spend at any time at our regular prices.

To become a My Prana Member and immediately begin to enjoy discounted prices on our wonderful services simply fill out an auto-pay form at one of our locations.  

To cancel simply call 954.463.1777 or email us at    

My Prana Membership Pros and Cons:


- Makes receiving delightful massage and acupuncture treatments on a regular basis super affordable.

- Keeps healthy folks healthy, promotes healing in those who are injured or ill.

- Automatic payment structure helps keep busy folks accountable to maintaining their health and well-being.

- Friends and family always receive your Member rates.

- The entire cornucopia of benefits of receiving regular massage and acupuncture treatments: improved circulation, immunity, relaxation, stress reduction, improved sleep, transformed cellular memory, greater flexibility, balanced energy, body realignment, a lasting sense of comfort, contentment and tranquility more potent than can be found in any drug, improvement to overall health rivaling the most positive effects achieved in modern surgery or psychiatry.  

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